Concert | Tour management

Taklit is a full-service production company, specializing in the management and administration of live performance in France. From contract negotiation, budget planning and accounting, to salaries, logistics and fiscal considerations, Taklit's savoir-faire in this field guarantees cost and time effective management of your project, in strict accordance with French legislation (and we do it with a smile).

Whether you are an artist manager, booking agent, concert buyer, production manager, independent artist, international events planner or non profit foreign agency with shows coming up in France, concert administration in France can be a hair-raising experience and sometimes, downright discouraging!

At Taklit we simplify those procedures for you. We determine production needs and costs together and then you leave the rest to us!

Project Development
Budget Estimation (out-of-pocket, taxes, fees, salaries and social charges)
Grant applications

Production monitoring
Budget updates
Contract writing and negotiation (employment contracts, production agreements, live streaming etc…)


Compensation and social statement of artists and / or technicians
Reimbursement and billing
Social statements and payroll processing
Foreign & French employment administration
Payment of payroll taxes to employers' organizations (Unemployment, Social Security and Retirement)
Declaration and payment of withholding taxes on foreign artist wages
International bank wire transfers
Visa application procedures for French artists

Taklit is also available to advise you in the following areas:

Litige, contract analysis, negotiation and mediation
Artists' employment agreements
License agreements & phonographic production
Intellectual Property Rights
Advice on the French social system and administration
Advice for foreign and French artists and technicians
Advice on artist career development in France

For an estimate drop us a line and let us know what we can do for you!