Samuel Blaser

Samuel Blaser


At a time when there are more musicians in the world trying to be heard than ever before, rare gems like Samuel Blaser seem, paradoxically, to rise above it all. With As the Sea, Blaser's follow-up to his 2011 Hatology debut Boundless and featuring the same multinational, transatlantic quartet - French guitarist Marc Ducret, Swiss bassist Bänz Oester and American drummer Gerald Cleaver - he's already achieved a rare prominence as one of his generation's most wildly elegant, relentlessly forward-thinking and undeniably virtuous trombonists.

Since his 2007 debut as a leader, 7th Heaven (Between the Lines), Blaser has grown at an almost incomprehensible rate, from straight-ahead hard bopper in his mid-twenties to innovative free player and ever-searching composer and bandleader in his early thirties, one whose improvisational strength has received praise from sources like Audiophile Audition, citing Blaser's music as occupying "ambient/free jazz terrain that has a depth of vision and clarity revealing musical maturity beyond Blaser's nearly three decades of life."

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Raul da Gama / Jazz da Gama:” Right now, there appears to be no one and I mean absolutely no one more eminently qualified to make a tribute to Jimmy Giuffre than Samuel Blaser. The trombonist worships at the altar of creativity, as Mr. Giuffre did throughout his life... (Read the full review)

NY Times - Nate Chinen : ” An intrepid, Swiss-born trombonist living in Berlin, whose new album, "Spring Rain", is a thoughtful and energetic tribute... Mr. Blaser has a precise, expressive style on trombone and he's an ace with multiphonic techniques, which enable him to growl chords on the instrument...

London Jazz News : "Blaser's brightly textured brass sorties complemented French guitarist Marc Ducret's tense, inwardly-focused passages that bled to inaudibility as he turned off the amplification at one point, while Danish drummer Peter Bruun maintained an upbeat range of criss-crossing textures..."

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