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Je donne ma langue au chant !

A fun series that gets 3 to 8 year + year old kids speaking and singing in English!

Winner of the European Label Award

From the very beginning language is intonation, rhythm and music, and that is the cornerstone of Je Donne Ma Langue au Chant! - an award winning, English language program for 3 to 8+ year olds.

Though a child's early attempts to communicate are satisfied by movement and glances, the voice quickly seeks to articulate ideas, feelings and imagination.

From the Very Beginning, Language is Intonation, Rhythm and Music

The ravishing illustrations, original songs and amusing musical arrangements of Je donne ma langue au chant! make learning English a fun and memorable experience at school and for the entire family.

Developing Autonomy and Self-Confidence

Je Donne Ma Langue au Chant! is a "feel-good" ESL project that helps build self-confidence through songs that young children easily catch on to. Each song provokes "questions and answers" and presents complete, useful sentences that make sense, and all the subject matter is designed to fit the taste of young children.

The clever musical arrangements and stunning illustrations tap into the natural curiosity of children and stimulate imagination while simultaneously charming them into expressing themselves in English.

Catchy or moving, the songs are all fun to sing and offer an exciting opportunity to discover a variety of musical cultures and instruments.

How it Works

The musical composition of each song closely follows the intonation of spokenEnglish and the audio exercises on each album reinforce the development of listening, pronunciation and speaking skills.

Each song is presented in the same way and based on a simple pattern of listening and repetition:

- Listen to Patricia sing the song in English.
- Repeat the phrases in English with Patricia.
- Sing the song together with Patricia.
- Now, can you sing the song without Patricia?

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