Taklit understands the ins and outs of  live performance, and that no two productions are the same. Our rates are competitive and adjusted accurately according to your  specific needs.

Concert -Tour Management

Taklit’s fees are based on the global cost of your production, budget constraints and goals.  Taklit offers two types of services to fit your budget and production needs:

Simple Pay: Taklit prepares all processing of payroll for artists and related payroll taxes.

Executive Production: This package includes the preparation of sale contracts and artists contracts, as well as the processing of payslips, payment of all French social charges linked to live performance.

Each project can generate administrative costs specific to the production, and the cost of that work is calculated on a pro-rata hourly basis. For example logistics (reservations and purchases of hotel rooms, planes and train tickets), preparation of expense reports and reimbursements, certain types of contracts (live recording, live streaming concerts...).

For audio recording productions, do not hesitate to contact us directly for a price quote.

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