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Taklit Artist & Concert Management is an independent production & publishing company, based in Paris, France.

From tailor-made music and production management to legal and promotional needs, Taklit has been a creative partner to many independant music professionals, and record labels dedicated to the development, production, promotion and use of new music over the past ten years.

Created in 2005 to produce, publish and promote original works by composers and performing artists Taklit owns and administers master recording rights for a number of international jazz, classical, pop and children's artists. 

Our roster of artists under exclusive management includes guitarist Gilad Hekselman (jazz), trombonist Samuel Blaser (jazz), violinist Line Kruse (jazz) pianist Ching-Yun Hu and pianists Laurent Grynszpan & Betsy Schlesinger (film music and musicals).

Taklit is  the producer of the award-winning  Kids' Factory Music label, France's number 1 musical program dedicated to initating the youngest children to the English language.

Since 2014 Taklit has been executive producer of LittleVillage, the new children's label by harmonia mundi.

We also offer comprehensive concert and tour management services to independent artists, booking agents, national theatres, independant concert and event organisers and service a wide variety of non-profit agencies supporting the arts world-wide.


Patricia Johnston
Patricia Johnston, founder & associate
Nicolas Glady
Nicolas Glady, associate
Arie Zonshine
Arie Zonshine, associate

We speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Creole, Hebrew, Russian and Portuguese

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